I’m in Clare Mackintosh’s Oct’22 Newsletter

I love reading thrillers – mystery, spy, action, crime, legal, psychological – all of them. And since I discovered Clare Mackintosh’s debut novel, I Let You Go, back in 2019, I’ve been hooked to her writing.

She has a way with her storytelling where you think you know the direction the book is taking and then she’ll throw in a fresh piece to the puzzle and turn it on its axis. If you’ve been following her work, you’ll know she continues to reinvent the way she writes.

Of all her books, I Let You Go remained my favourite until I read Hostage last year. That one really threw me off with the explosive ending. Then, she returned with The Last Party which is the first in a character series. As I wrote in my review for this book, she has raised the bar for how thrillers ought to be written with this one.

CM Book Club

As a keen reader of her books, I am also a member of her book club group on Facebook. The Clare Mackintosh Book Club is a wonderful community of book lovers from all across the world with over nine thousand members now. You also get special access to her VIP group around the publication of her new releases. 

The group reads a book every month with active discussions taking place as a series of question at the end of the month. The month’s bookclub choice is announced in the author’s newsletter that drops on the 20th of the month.

Imagine my surprise when, while reading through my unread emails, and with no prior warning, I stumbled upon my bookish craft pairing for her latest release, The Last Party, featured in this month’s newsletter!!!
CM Newsletter Oct22
She has even linked my review on the blog and added an excerpt along with my bookish-craft pairing.

With The Last Party being set in a village along the Welsh-English border, I made a dragon to pair with the book. The Welsh y Ddraig Goch, or Red Dragon, is a heraldic symbol that appears on the national flag of Wales. I folded this origami dragon from 80gsm paper.

To say I am absolutely thrilled to see this wouldn’t be anywhere close to how I am feeling, not to mention being stunned with this feature.

Thank you, Clare, for always supporting and encouraging my crafting obsession.

I must mention here, it was Clare who sent me a link to Book Depository’s #READCreate campaign in September last year and insisted I enter. The following month I was declared one of the winners and Book Depository added my winning entry to their first Virtual Art Gallery and also printed it on their new #READCreate Boomarks.

You can read her October 2022 newsletter here in which she talks about this month’s book club pick, her upcoming author events, a bookish giveaway and so much more.

You can also find my detailed review of The Last Party here.

If you enjoy reading, come join her fabulous bookclub community on Facebook.CM Book Books

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