I’m in Book Depository’s Virtual Art Gallery | #READCreate

Book Depository came up with a cool challenge inspired from books and reading. #READCreate. The idea behind this was to create art in any form, inspired by a book you’ve read.


This fit perfectly with my Bookstagram theme, except that I was unaware of the challenge. I would have missed it had it not been for Clare Mackintosh – celebrated author of bestsellers such as I Let You Go, I See You, Let Me Lie, After the End, and her most recent, Hostage, who DM’ed me and insisted I enter. (Allow me to blow my trumpet a little – Clare and I are also bookclub friends and she once referred to me as her ‘fave book blogger’ here.)

If you’re not familiar with Book Depository, they are a leading international book retailer with over 20 million books, in six languages, displaying prices in 37 different local currencies, and free delivery worldwide (with no minimum spend) to over 170 countries.

Of all the entries received, Book Depository selected a shortlist which was further judged by guest judges Beatrice BlueChanté Timothy and Olaf Falafel.

The #READCeate Challenge culminated in an Instagram Live event on October 26 where ten winners were selected. These winners earn a place in Book Depository’s first Book-inspired Virtual Art Gallery and their next bookmarks set.

And here is where my joy knows no bounds. One of my entries was selected as a winner!!!

BD InstaPost2

This is the bookstagram I created for The Ends of the Earth by Abbie Greaves that is now on display in Book Depository’s Virtual Art Gallery.

Mary O’Connor, the protagonist in this book, sets herself up at Ealing Broadway station every evening holding a sign bearing the words: ‘Come Home Jim.’ At night, she works at NightLine, a crisis call-centre, hoping her missing husband may call in with information of his whereabouts.

The anticipation of every call she answers is like a heartbeat steadily rising to the point it leaves you absolutely breathless which inspired me to pair this book with these vintage origami rotary phones, made using 80gsm paper.

Watch the entire event and listen to what was said about my creation here 👇🏼.

You can browse the Virtual Art Gallery and see all the winning entries by clicking the banner below. To know more about the artists’ inspiration, click the book links in the gallery.
READCreate Virtual Art Gallery

As of December 2021, the new #READCreate Bookmarks are displayed on Book Depository’s website and are ready to be shipped out with your next book order.

#readcreate bookmarks

And here’s a closeup of the bookmark showcasing my creation (front and back view):

Enjoy these while I head off in search of my next book-inspired craft idea.

A huge round of thanks to Book Depository and all the judges for giving me the opportunity to feature in this amazing campaign. And heartiest congratulations to all the winners.

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