Other Published Writings

Here are the links to my other writings as published on online platforms.

WomensWebWomen’s Web
Women’s Web is an online portal that focuses on women’s self-development and pursuit of happiness, by offering information on career development, entrepreneurship, managing work and family, successful women, women’s health, social issues and personal finances.

My author page is available at http://www.womensweb.in/author/ashimajain/ with links to my book reviews as published on the website.

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The Secret Life of Debbie G. by Vibha Batra, Kalyani Ganapathy | Book Review
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Writersmelon is a community of book lovers, authors and bloggers where you discover some great new books & authors. They also have articles on writing, publishing, book marketing & the ever changing digital world.

My author page is available at http://writersmelon.com/author/ashima/ with links to my published articles.

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