Hi there!

To my friends, who were curious enough to make their way here on my request, and surfers who happened to stumble upon this blog in their quest for something new – Welcome to Aquamarine Flavours!

Before I describe the sweet and spice of this blog , I’d like to introduce myself.

I am Ashima, an Apparel Marketing & Merchandising professional in New Delhi, India, with a career spanning 12+ years in the field of garment exports. Having worked at some of the best buying houses in the industry, with the biggest international brands, I am currently exploring new creative avenues to feed my passion.

Outside of the professional world, I am a dreamer – also categorized so by my zodiac (which happens to be Pisces: no-brainer there!) and a life thinker.

I have been in love with the written word for as long as I can remember. Some may call me a Bibliophile – I love collecting books, the numbers of which are steadily rising.  I am a compulsive reader and occasionally review books as well. I realise I may not be able to read all the books out there, in this lifetime. Nonetheless, my pursuit to discover and read more books, continues.

I find writing in any form to be therapeutic, though I particularly enjoy writing fiction. My short stories have been published in Unbound Emagazine, Telegram Magazine and two Women’s Web Anthologies: Kunti’s Confessions and Other Short Stories (2017) and When Women Speak Up (2018). My work has also been published online at Readomania, Women’s Web, Juggernaut, and Writersmelon.

I am crazy about music – specifically of the old hindi film variety; and movies – from a soppy heartbreaking romance to a thrilling heist, from a mysterious murder to an all-hell-breaks-loose action adventure. The same goes for TV shows, which I have been known to binge-watch. My favourite genres are Procedural Dramas and Comedies. I choose not to watch Horror and Supernatural themed shows/movies. They totally creep me out! Oh wait! I could, maybe, be persuaded to watch an episode of Ghost Hunters. Strictly. During. The. Day.

When it comes to cooking, I can be very moody. Being in the company of my mother, who happens to be an excellent cook and is constantly researching ways to improve her style, has given me a complex of sorts when it comes to displaying my prowess. Still, I like to think of myself as the Sous-Chef in our kitchen, clearly a self-designated title, when in fact I am no more than an (unpaid) apprentice. I do like to dabble in a bit of baking from time to time – partly to satisfy my sweet tooth cravings and partly for the delicious aroma it spreads in the house.

Of all the things I do, what I enjoy most is to work alongside my mom as we put our heads together on a creative project. It may range from selecting motifs and colors to make embroidered curtains or a set of framed wall-hangings for the room, to finding designs for a snazzy file folder or handbag. It may even be something as simple and easy as rolling out dough to make fresh home-made pizzas and hand rolled pastas. We chat endlessly as we work and have a fantabulous time together.

More recently, when I am not reading or writing, I will most likely be found sitting with my art and craft supplies, colouring to my heart’s content, or working on a papercraft project. My amateur photography around books and other creative pursuits can be viewed at https://www.instagram.com/ashiejayn.

About Aquamarine Flavours

I decided to blog as I needed a space to write, express, and share notes on the things I do – books I read, projects we create, even dishes we make; values that drive me; ideas that inspire me; and questions that confuse me. It is an avenue where I can appreciate what is good and give vent to my frustrations.

This is not a themed blog. I doubt I could limit myself to one topic, even if I tried. Aquamarine Flavours is about all the things that matter to me and make a difference.

So I invite you to join me on this journey and share your views, feedback and suggestions as we go along. You are welcome to write to me at aquamarineflavours@gmail.comeven if it is just to tell me how ludicrously insane I sound.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy your visit and will return often!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Aninda

    This is an interesting read (the about page!)..Also, are we looking at exploring more flavors fro, across the country or globe ? something about the muffins should be good too..along with pics.


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