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“Only when you set your aspirations high will you push yourself to take the big leaps that can change your life. Sometimes life demands that you try to shoot the moon.”

What do you do when you are rejected for your dream job and can’t deal with one more person telling you to be strong? What stops you from asking for that big role at work when you know you have a shot at getting it? For most of us, the world of work isn’t easy to navigate and life’s challenges rarely have simple answers.

In Limitless, Radhika Gupta, one of the youngest CEOs in India’s financial services sector and creator of the viral YouTube video ‘The Girl with a Broken Neck‘, offers straight-talking advice on how you can multiply your chances at achieving success.

34. Limitless
We often wonder – especially at times when things don’t seem to go our way – what stops us from achieving our goals. Rejections can bog us down, risks can be scary, but there has to be a way past them to get back on track.
As Radhika Gupta explains in her book, the limitations that hold us back are either internal, imposed by our minds and our background, or influenced by comparison in an Instagram-fed world. It is important, therefore, to make serious and mindful investment in your talent and ability in order to earn the highest rate of return on yourself.
What stood out for me in this book is the author’s approach to accept inevitable challenges and find ways to adapt and pivot accordingly. Be it ambition, risk, or the fear of rejection – it is impossible to expect things to follow a plan. A risk could pay off or result in failure. It is important to remember that rejection is part of the syllabus and failure is imminent.
One effective way to counter attack is by understanding the power of Plan B – the backup plan. This Plan B need not be a compromise and could become the key to your success.
Gupta makes a convincing argument on why tough criticism shared by the right people is like a friend request that should not be ignored. Criticism does not mean we are incompetent but that we have a long way to go. It can be the map to chart your route.
She explains why one must not feel pressured to find the right opportunity. Instead, take the opportunities you have and make them the right one for you. Adapt to the change, pivot your plan when needed. Focus on the future rather than counting your past achievements. And last but not the least, embrace your flaws. Draw from your personal experiences. They are what make you unique. Authenticity travels far more than we estimate and stays longer with people.
The author shares her personal experiences and offers a practical plan to overcome adversity and achieve success. Instead of a one-size-fits-all solution, she lays out the floor plan, giving you the option to tailor the design to your needs.
Refreshingly motivating, this self help guide aims to add a fresh perspective to traditionally negative assumptions. A book that will not only benefit you in the professional sphere but your personal relationships as well.
Limitless: The Power of Unlocking Your True Potential by Radhika Gupta. Published in April 2022 by Hachette, India.
Book 34 of 2022.
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About Photo: The book’s quote I started this review with is one that resonates clearly with me. Growing up, I’ve often heard it from my mother and I remind myself of it every time I find myself getting stuck.
The moon and stars are made in origami using 80gsm handmade paper. The bow and arrow are made with papercraft, also using 80gsm paper and some yarn.
34. Limitlessb
About the Author: Radhika Gupta is MD & CEO, Edelweiss Mutual Fund. She is one of the youngest CEOs in corporate India and the only female head of a major asset management company. A graduate of the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, a hedge fund manager and an entrepreneur, she has been listed by Fortune and Business Today among India’s ‘Most Powerful Women in Business’ and by Economic Times in their list of ‘India’s Hottest 40 Young Business Leaders’. Her video ‘The Girl with a Broken Neck’ has inspired lakhs of viewers.
Radhika tweets at @iradhikagupta and is among LinkedIn’s Top Voices. You can also find her on Instagram.
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