Megamonster by David Walliams | Book Review

On a volcanic island, in the middle of shark-infested waters, stands The Cruel School with its appalling lessons, revolting dinners and terrifying teachers – especially the mysterious Science teacher Doctor Doktur.
When Larker is sent here, she quickly realises something very odd is going on… something involving Doctor Doktur and a ‘Monsterfication Machine’. Ultimately, she finds herself face to face with a real life Megamonster.
There seems to be no escape – but for Larker, nothing is impossible.

The Eighth Girl by Maxine Mei-Fung Chung | Book Review

Alexa Wú’s chaotic life is controlled by a series of alternate personalities. Only three people know about their existence: her therapist Daniel, her stepmother Anna, and her best friend Ella. When Ella gets a job at a high-end gentleman's club, she is gradually drawn into London's cruel underbelly. With lives at stake, Alexa follows her on a daring rescue mission. Threatened and vulnerable, she will discover whether her multiple personalities are her greatest asset, or her biggest obstacle.

Pretty as a Picture by Elizabeth Little | Book Review

Film editor Marissa jumps at the chance to travel to a small island to work with the legendary – and legendarily demanding – director, Tony Rees. Soon she discovers there are rumours of accidents and indiscretions, of burgeoning scandals and perilous schemes on set. In the midst of this chaos, Marissa is herself drawn into an amateur investigation of the real-life murder that is the movie’s central subject. The only problem is the killer may still be on the loose. And he might not be done.

The Lies We Tell by Jane Corry | Book Review

Sarah always thought of herself and her husband, Tom, as good people. But that was before their son Freddy came home saying he'd done something terrible, begging them not to tell the police. Soon Sarah and Tom must find out just how far they are willing to push themselves, and their marriage, to protect their only child. As the lies build up and Sarah is presented with the perfect opportunity to get Freddy off the hook, she is faced with a terrifying decision: Save her son... or save herself?

Hostage by Clare Mackintosh | Book Review

You can save hundreds of lives. Or the one that matters most It's the first non-stop flight from London to Sydney and the world is watching this landmark journey. But soon after the plane takes off, Flight attendant Mina receives a chilling anonymous note. Someone wants to make sure the plane never reaches its destination. They're demanding her cooperation . . . and they know exactly how to get it. It's twenty hours to landing and a lot can happen in twenty hours . . .

In Her Tracks by Robert Dugoni | Book Review

Reassigned to the Cold Case unit, Det. Tracy Crosswhite is immediately drawn to a case involving the disappearance of a five-year-old girl.

As she begins reconstructing the timeline leading up to the girl's disappearance, Tracy's former partner brings her in on an active investigation where a young woman has vanished on an isolated jogging trail in North Seattle.

Divided between two critical cases, Tracy has little to go on. Given her own traumatic past, she must also follow her instincts—to whatever dark and dangerous places they may lead.

Code Name Bananas by David Walliams | Book Review

It is 1940 and Britain is at war with Nazi Germany. Eleven-year-old Eric spends his day at London Zoo with one animal he loves: Gertrude, the gorilla. But with bombs falling all over London, Eric must rescue Gertrude.

Together with his Great-Uncle Sid, a keeper at the zoo, the three go on the run. But while hiding out at the seaside they uncover a top-secret Nazi plot.

Will Eric be able to foil Hitler's plans and keep Gertrude safe at the same time? 

The Cut by Chris Brookmyre | Book Review

Millie Spark could kill anyone. A special effects make-up artist, her talent was to create realistic scenes of bloody violence. Then, one day, she woke up to find her lover dead in her bed. Twenty-five years later, her sentence for murder served, Millicent is ready to give up on her broken life - until she meets troubled film student and reluctant petty thief, Jerry. Together, they begin to discover that all was not what it seemed on that fateful night . . . and someone doesn't want them to find out why.

The Good Neighbour by R. J. Parker | Book Review

When Leah Talbot has an accident on a deserted road near her village, she knocks on the door of the house with a light on. A charming man answers and invites her in, offering to help with the police and a car service. But when she returns the next morning to say thank you, it’s the police who answer the door. There’s been a murder with the female homeowner and sole resident lying dead in a pool of her blood. There's no sign of the man… until he comes looking for Leah.