My Korean Flavours in 2022

After I finished posting my year-end recaps of all the books I read in the previous year along with a curated list of my recommendations and an overview of my reading stats, I realised I should do the same for all the Korean content I watched in 2022 as well. With all the influence of South Korea that has engulfed my life with their dramas, culture, language and food, it is only fair that I acknowledge it. 

I am soon coming up on my four-year anniversary of watching Korean dramas and films and, on tallying, realised I have watched over 200 titles in this period. This came as a complete shock to me and, had I not recorded the list of names, I couldn’t have imagined it was possible to have hit this number.

I must point out that I was so deeply drawn into them that I started learning the language soon after. At this point I am in my 2nd year of learning Korean at the Korean Cultural Centre; three years if I include the time I started learning on my own.

As with books, I’ve been posting reviews of every kdrama and kfilm I watched in 2022 in the form of Instagram reels. So, I decided to share my top recommendations for the year from this list – My choice of Korean flavours in 2022.

Listed below are all the Korean dramas, Korean films and Korean variety shows I watched this year, listed in alphabetical order. Each of these names are hyperlinked to my review of that title. Following this list are my recommendations for the ones I particularly enjoyed. 

aaa Korean Reviews Resized1. Anna (2022)
2. Big Mouth (2022)
3. Broker (2022)
4. Business Proposal (2022)
5. Cleaning Up (2022)
6. D. P. (2021)
7. Doctor Lawyer (2022)
8. Extraordinary Attorney Woo (2022)
9. Ghost Doctor (2022)
10. Glitch (2022)
11. Good Job (2022)
12. How to Steal a Dog (2014)
13. If You Wish Upon Me (2022)
14. Law School (2021)
15. Little Women (2022)
16. Love in Contract (2022)
17. Lucid Dream (2017)
18. Luck-Key (2016)
19. May It Please the Court (2022)
20. Miracle in Cell No. 7 (2013)
21. Narco Saints (2022)
22. Never Give Up (2022)
23. Once Upon A Small Town (2022)
24. One Dollar Lawyer (2022)
25. One The Woman (2021)
26. Our Beloved Summer (2021)
27. Our Blues (2022)
28. Remarriage and Desires (2022)
29. Secret Zoo (2020)
30. Seoul Vibe (2022)
31. Shooting Stars (2022)
32. Snowdrop (2021)
33. Soundtrack #1 (2022)
34. Terrius Behind Me (2018)
35. The Bros (2017)
36. The Golden Spoon (2022)
37. The Law Café (2022)
38. The Pirates (2014)
39. The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure (2022)
40. The Silent Sea (2021)
41. Thirty Nine (2022)
42. Today’s Webtoon (2022)
43. Twenty Five Twenty One (2022)
44. Uncle (2021)
45. Under the Queen’s Umbrella (2022)
46. Youth MT (a.k.a Young Actors’ Retreat) (2022)

From this list, I have shortlisted some titles that I loved more than others and highly recommend for your watchlist. For ease of reference, I am sharing these recommendations as categorised under the following three heads:

1. Korean Dramas
2. Korean Films
3. Korean Variety Shows

So, here we go. These lists are in no particular order.

The Silent Sea
This dystopian sci-fi thriller set in 2075, when there is no water on Earth, has a fantastic mystery complemented with excellent CGI effects for stunning scenes on the moon.
This family drama centred around the endearing relationship between an uncle and his nephew is the feelgood, wholesome story I didn’t know I needed until I saw it.
Our Beloved Summer
Strong familial bonds, childhood friendships, and complex feelings of love are woven into the softest blanket you wrap around yourself as the warmth of the magical OST washes over you.
Business Proposal
At twelve episodes, this was an easy binge with its cute, comical, feel-good romance where the second lead couple shine as bright as the main leads. 
Twenty Five Twenty One
There was something fresh and wholesome about this story of two people who fall in love while pursuing their passions and realising their dreams.
Shooting Stars
This steadily paced work-place romance gives a behind-the-scenes look at how a talent management firm manages scandal and crises amidst multiple romantic arcs.
Our Blues
This peek into the bittersweet lives of a closeknit village community on Jeju Island as they learn to overcome their challenges together will make you cry as much as it will make you laugh.
Doctor Lawyer
The suspense gets nerve-wracking in this medico-legal thriller about a genius doctor who becomes a lawyer specialising in medical litigation after he loses his medical license from being tricked into a rigged surgery.
Ghost Doctor
A heartwarming drama with the ghost of a gifted but arrogant doctor who possesses a kind, young intern unable to operate, making him a genius first-year resident in his absence. This story is almost therapeutic and makes you believe in miracles.
Cleaning Up
A fabulous suspense thriller involving three cleaning women at an investment firm who become aware of insider trading information and decide to use it to make money on the sly, putting everything at stake.
Terrius Behind Me
This was tailormade for the spy-thriller aficionado in me with a secret agent roped in as babysitter for her twins by the woman living in the apartment across from his, unaware he is, in fact, on the run from the authorities. Throw in some romance and you have a winner on your hands.
Extraordinary Attorney Woo
A delightfully spellbinding, heartwarming gem about a rookie lawyer, with an eidetic memory and on the autism spectrum, who joins a top law firm and learns to overcome the challenges of being herself as she works hard to defend her clients.
Amid political turmoil, two star-crossed strangers meet in unexpected circumstances and fall hopelessly in love. This is a power-packed story with a heady mix of emotions and some great performances.
Big Mouth
A lawyer, infamous for being a big mouth, is framed as a notorious swindler and throw in prison where he must uncover the real swindler’s identity. This was a suspense thriller so good the secrets will keep turning the wheels of your brain.
Once Upon a Small Town
This cute country-side romance between a Seoul based veterinarian forced to relocate to the countryside and a local policewoman who carries a secret from his past is a breath of fresh air amongst all the revenge thrillers that ruled the ratings.
One the Woman
Honey Lee’s powerful performance as the woman who wakes up from a coma after a car accident with no memory of her life is the axis on which the story revolves. A total binge-watch till the very end.
May it Please the Court
A gripping mystery of whether the eccentric public defender is possibly a serial killer. Of all the legal kdramas I’ve watched this year, this was my top favourite for its tightly plotted storyline and Lee Kyu Hyung’s stunning performance.
The plot surrounding a boy born in a poor family who switches lives with his rich classmate, by use of a magical golden spoon, is intricately woven through the lives of the characters and builds a nail-biting thriller.
Under the Queen's Umbrella
Set in Joseon with a queen fighting the odds to get her errant princes under control and protect them from palace politics, this is one of the finer historical Korean dramas in recent times and has not seen the recognition it deserves.
Pirates I
This period-drama is set during the founding of the Joseon Dynasty when a gang of mountain bandits clash with pirates on the high seas to recover the royal seal from the belly of a whale. Though a sequel was released in 2022, I much prefer the first film for the fun, likable characters, a mix of comedy and drama and intense action on the high seas.
A down on his luck, aspiring actor steals the identity of a man who appears to be rich, only to discover he is a brutal assassin and that the client behind his latest target is breathing down his neck. Adorably warm, incredibly funny, this presents a refreshing gamut of emotions. 
Miracle in Cell No.7
An intellectually-disabled single father is thrown in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. Using the far reaching prison network, his cellmates smuggle his daughter in to reunite them. Based on a true story, this film is all heart.
How to Steal a Dog
A delightfully comedic film solely driven by the performances of the children and their naïve determination in attempting to steal a dog which, they believe, is the answer to all their financial woes.
Five cast members each, from three successful kdramas – Itaewon Class, The Sound of Magic and Love in the Moonlight, travel together on a three-day team-building retreat. This was super fun and there is nothing better to let laughter bubble over from every pore.

And that’s a wrap on my list. What do you think? Are you planning to watch any of these? Do you agree/disagree with these choices? I’d love to hear from you. 

Since this is the first time I’ve put this list together, any feedback on this is most welcome. Leave me a comment to continue the discussion.

You can also connect with me on my socials via

Meanwhile, I’m off to update my kdrama calendar with the seven kdramas I am currently watching.

Have a great year and may you continue to swoon over your favourite kdrama Oppa (or Noona, Eonnie, Hyung – whichever applies 😉)!

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