2022’s Chosen Reads

In keeping with my annual bookish tradition, I’m back with my shortlist of all the books I enjoyed reading in 2022. 

Earlier this week, I shared a complete list of books I read this past year, with details about my crafting journey. You can read it all here.

Today, I share my reading snapshot, which is a graphic representation of my reading stats, followed by a quick look at the books I loved and why I recommend them.

2022 Brunch Book Challenge Favs Landscape

As I mentioned in my previous post, the front-and-centre focus for me this year has been my Korean language study. I had expected my reading and crafting journey to take a hit in 2022 but I think I managed to sustain. However, now that I’m moving into a more advanced level of study in 2023, I may need to catch a breath every now and then. While I still haven’t decided my reading target for this year, I suspect it will be lower than last year.

Tracking my reading helps me understand the direction it has taken and how I want to change it. I maintain an elaborate spreadsheet, customised to my requirements, with details of all the books I read during the year. This sheet tracks data under various heads which then compiles different data sets and is presented in graphic form.

I’ve been sharing an overview of my reading stats from the beginning but I began presenting them in graphic form two years ago. Surprisingly, these stats for 2020 and 2021 have been my most viewed and saved pins on Pinterest till date.

So, in keeping with the practice, here’s presenting an overview of my 2022 reading stats:

AshieJayn 2022 Reading Stats1

All the months my reading output has been low is when I’m in the middle of a semester in my Korean language study. November  and December were the exception because I was doing the annual binge-read of 25 books and was not writing individual reviews for these books or making craft pairings. So, all my spare time was spent reading.

Most of my stats here are comparable with 2021 except that there were more books this year which took me two days or more to finish. The ratio of published books read vs. advance review copies has also reversed.

Now that I’ve been blogging regularly over the last two years, an interesting observation I made on my blog stats was that I had visits from a whopping 86 countries this year. This is a sharp 65% increase from 2021. The top five countries to visit my blog this year were India, USA, UK, Ireland and Canada. 

The ratio of my five-star reads this time are significantly high, especially considering all of Brad Thor’s books fall in this rating. I have curated a recommendation list of my five-star reads this year which I hope will find their way to your TBRs.

As always, I am categorising my recommendations under the following four heads to make it easier to refer to –
1. Indian Fiction
2. Indian Non-Fiction
3. International Fiction
4. International Non Fiction
Additionally, I have created two separate categories from the above four as these are more specific by genre and age group:
1. Mystery/Thrillers
2. Children / Middle Grade Fiction

So, here are my recommendations from the books I read in 2022. These lists are in no particular order.

41. Junglenama
Amitav Ghosh’s verse adaptation of an episode from the legend of Bon Bibi, a tale popular in the villages of the Sundarban has a lot of wisdom behind its words. This engaging folktale, when sung aloud, is delightfully entertaining, and will be enjoyed by adults as well as children.
Buy on Amazon*.
34. Limitless
Refreshingly motivating, this self-help guide aims to add a fresh perspective to traditionally negative assumptions that hold you back from achieving your potential. A book that will not only benefit you in the professional sphere but your personal relationships as well.
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Steeped in family drama and yet full of heart, reading this is like looking back at polaroid captures of years gone by and reminding oneself that no matter what, the ties that bind family will always stay.
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8. Peach Blossom Spring
I can’t remember when I last read historical fiction as beautiful as Peach Blossom Spring. Exquisite and mesmerising, this gorgeous debut only leaves you breathless for more.
Buy on Amazon*.
14. Yinka, Where is your Huzband
An absolutely remarkable debut, with a lovable lead, a heartfelt story, and a poignant look at the life of being an unmarried thirty-something woman.
Buy on Amazon*.
21. The Library
A profoundly charming story of family, friendship, and new beginnings built around books and libraries, this is a magic potion that will instantly lift your spirits.
Buy on Amazon*.
28. The Museum of Ordinary People
A poignant and thoughtful story of grief, of love for the memories we hold, and of loss for the things we leave behind. I know I will always cherish this book and the immensely emotional experience of reading it. 
Buy on Amazon*.
31. Last Time We Met
An emotionally rich, character-driven story with a brilliant cast, it inspires hope and promises new beginnings. I do warn you though, reading this will take everything to hold yourself together and not fall apart in a complete mess.
Buy on Amazon*.
This is an invaluable piece of writing, extremely relative to the times we live in when decades of hard work for women’s rights is being erased before our eyes. A riveting story that merges history with the present, this is a book that needs to be read by women of every generation.
Buy on Amazon*.
35. The Winners
This book, this series, is more than a story. It is comfort, it is love, it is pain, and it is the promise of sunshine and miracles – the only two things to keep the world going.
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This book breaks down every reason that holds you back from writing and puts you on the path to recognising your instincts and defining your unique writing voice. You could say this is a crystal ball of writing that answers every question and assuages all your writing fears. 
Buy on Amazon*.
35. The Soul Support Book
This is a self-help book that comes without the endless dos and don’ts. Instead, it radiates joy and inspiration off each page with cute, quirky illustrations in bright, playful colours that add perspective to conquering life’s challenges. The witty one-liners accompanying them deliver valuable life lessons and also make you smile.
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43&44. Sapiens- A Graphic History Vol. 1&2
These graphic-novel versions of the author’s global bestseller, Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, are perfect for people like me who aren’t keen to delve into the scientific aspects or are intimidated by the length. The graphic versions determinedly stay away from being overly technical; rather presenting it in an entertaining way and adding humour to keep you engaged. Most importantly, this fabulous study in anthropology can be read and enjoyed by children as well as adults.
Buy on Amazon*.
8. The Silent Sisters
With a delectable mix of spycraft and adventure, the intense thrill you experience as you follow the events across Russia in the final installment of this Charles Jenkins-Seven Sisters trilogy is unmatched.
Buy on Amazon*.
16. Into the Dark
Unsettlingly addictive, this shows some deadly, depraved minds hiding under the garb of ambition. I’m still thinking about this dark, chilling, psychological thriller that leaves your heart in your throat.  
Buy on Amazon*.
30. The Last Party
This psychological thriller is the first in a brand new crime series set in North Wales, lead by Detective Constable Ffion Morgan. This was another Mackintosh classic with a relentlessly gripping mystery that leaves you gasping for breath. I can’t wait to read what Ffion Morgan does next.
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46-70. Brad Thor
This was my 2022 annual one-author-one-character binge-read of a series that included 25 books. As a big fan of the spy-thriller genre, I was thrilled to have finally read these of which I enjoyed every moment, every page, every character.
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Witty, with humour that makes you laugh till your stomach hurts, this is the perfect follow-up to an intriguing mystery that does not seem to end. The Black Cat lives on.
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A rib-tickling peek into how the minds of animals might work, this is a guaranteed entertainer where silly ideas are executed with creative plans. Psst… If you’re trying to convince someone why not to get that pet lion, this book is your answer.
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What are you thoughts on this selection? Are any of these making their way to your TBR? Drop me a line in the comments.

I’d love to hear if you have any must-read recommendations from your own list. Do share them here so I can begin building my 2023 TBR 🙂

Just a reminder that you will find my complete list of books read in 2022 with details about my crafting journey here.

If you enjoy reading, I’ll be thrilled if you follow this blog (click the ‘Follow’ button at top right or towards the bottom of this page). I’ll continue to share my reviews of books I read through the year with hand-crafted pairings.

You can also connect with me on my socials via linktr.ee/AshieJayn.

Stay safe, be joyful, and may you have another fabulous year of all the things you love!

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