Who Stole My Memories? by Maitrayee Sanyal De | Book Review

Anu is leading a normal life with her husband in her suburban home in Johannesburg when she wakes up one day to find the police knocking at her door. She is arrested and things get complicated when she fails to recall her name. Soon, she discovers her name is not the only thing she forgot. Everything about her seems blurry  - her house, her life and her loved ones. Slowly, she discovers that the life she was leading was a lie and the people she trusted are not who they appear to be. With all that she holds dear at stake, will she be able to save herself and her memories?

The Boy Who Loved Trains by Deepak Sapra | Book Review

This is a book about a boy who fell in love with trains at a very young age, so much that he had the entire railway timetable memorised - for every train, at every station. A boy who stumped his college interview panel with his fascinating knowledge about trains and went on to study at the Indian Railways Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering (IRIMEE) and then was commissioned to work in the Indian Railways Service. This is the story of that boy who loved trains.

In Conversation with Jayant Kripalani

I had the opportunity to interview Jayant Kripalani on the occasion of the launch of his latest book - this one on poetry - and he blew me away with his charm and wit. It was a refreshing conversation, to say the least, and he even taught me a thing or two about life. Note: Don't miss the EXCLUSIVE new poem he narrates during the interview which is not available in the book!