Why is My Hair Curly? by Lakshmi Iyer | Book Review

Ten-year-old Avantika is at a loss when it comes to managing her thick curls but she's not ready to cut them either, as her mother suggests. If only she had smooth straight hair like her amma, appa, and little brother, Avnish. Adopted as a little girl, Avantika wonders if her birth mother had the same curly hair. Maybe she would know how to manage it. A cheery story that explores adoption and genetics and gives young readers the courage to embrace their uniqueness.

How to Save a Life by Eva Carter | Book Review

It’s nearly midnight on the eve of the millennium when eighteen-year-old Joel’s heart stops. Kerry performs CPR for eighteen exhausting minutes while her best friend Tim freezes, unable to help. That moment of life and death changes the course of all three lives over the next two decades because sometimes saving a life is only the start of the story...

The Summer Job by Lizzy Dent | Book Review

Have you ever imagined running away from your life? Well, Birdy Finch didn't imagine it. She actually did it. Birdy is pretending to be a wine expert at a luxury hotel in Scotland which is the identity she has stolen from her best friend. And she is falling for the first man she has ever actually liked. How far will be too far for Birdy before all hell breaks loose?