Yours Cheerfully by A J Pearce | Book Review

London, Nov. 1941. Following the departure of Henrietta Bird from Woman’s Friend magazine, things are looking up for Emmy Lake. When the Ministry of Information calls on Britain’s women’s magazines to help recruit desperately needed female workers to the war effort, Emmy meets a young woman who shows them the very real challenges they face. Now, Emmy must tackle a life-changing dilemma between doing her duty and standing by her friends. This is the delightfully uplifting sequel to Dear Mrs. Bird you cannot afford to miss.

Code Name Bananas by David Walliams | Book Review

It is 1940 and Britain is at war with Nazi Germany. Eleven-year-old Eric spends his day at London Zoo with one animal he loves: Gertrude, the gorilla. But with bombs falling all over London, Eric must rescue Gertrude.

Together with his Great-Uncle Sid, a keeper at the zoo, the three go on the run. But while hiding out at the seaside they uncover a top-secret Nazi plot.

Will Eric be able to foil Hitler's plans and keep Gertrude safe at the same time? 

Lanka’s Princess by Kavita Kané | Book Review

Surpanakha a.k.a Princess Meenakshi, Lanka's Princess, may have been the most misunderstood character of the Ramayana. Was she a victim, or a perpetrator of the war that destroyed her family and their kingdom? Or was she a woman pushed to take revenge against the injustice meted out to her by her family. Lanka's Princess by Kavita Kané reveals the woman behind her infamous personality.