When the Wildflowers Bloom by Rupa Bhullar | Book Review

After suffering public humiliation at the hands of her husband, Tara Grewal finds herself thrust onto a crossroads. As she transitions from questioning her choices to surrendering to the flow of life, an unfamiliar journey leads her to her grandmother's village in Punjab. Amid the simple joys of rural life, and heart-wrenching struggles of daily survival, Tara unknowingly kindles a spark of hope. In her challenges, she finds her strength. In her escape, she finds her home.


To Get to the Other Side by Kelly Ohlert | Book Review

Forced to find a pet friendly home after she spontaneously adopted a chicken, Trixie moves in with Bear whose meddlesome sisters put up his spare room for rent, without his knowledge. Between testing the boundaries of their platonic ground rules, figuring out how to save a family business, paying for mounting vet bills, and navigating their own emotional baggage, will they find the love that they deserve?

Mis(s) Adventures of a Sales Girl by Aashisha Chakraborty | Book Review

When twenty-five-year-old Enakshi Chatterji is uprooted from Delhi and sent to Chennai to work as an intern in the fiercely competitive and heavily male-dominated territory of sales, she is unprepared for the grinder she is put through. Even more challenging is the family secret that comes back to haunt her in this alien city. Will Enakshi be able to battle all that is thrown at her and emerge victorious?

The Winners (Beartown #3) by Fredrik Backman | Book Review

Two years have passed since the events that no one wants to think about. Everyone has tried to move on, but there’s something about this place that prevents it. The residents continue to grapple with life’s big questions: What is a family? What is a community? As the locals of Beartown struggle to overcome the past, great change is on the horizon.
So what are the residents of Beartown willing to sacrifice in order to protect their home? Everything.

Looking for Jane by Heather Marshall | Book Review

In 2017 when Angela discovers a mysterious letter containing a life-shattering confession, she begins to look for the intended recipient. Her search takes her to the 1970s and 80s, when a group of daring women operated an illegal underground abortion network known only by its whispered code name: Jane.
As a teenager, Dr. Evelyn Taylor was forced to give her baby up for adoption. Determined to make sure other women have the right to choose, she joins the Jane Network. There, she crosses paths with Nancy, who becomes a volunteer.
Over the years, Evelyn, Nancy, and Angela's lives intertwine to reveal the devastating consequences that come from a lack of choice, and the buried secrets that will always find a way to the surface.

Last Time We Met by Emily Houghton | Book Review

Aged thirteen, best friends Eleanor and Fin are inseparable and make a pact - to go to university together, always live near each other, and if they're both single at 35 they'll get married. In two decades, they're both far from where they'd dreamt of being all those years ago. It takes tragic circumstances for Fin to come back into Eleanor's life, but everything has changed since the last time they met. Is it too late to mend their friendship? Or can they keep some of the promises they made?

Owner of a Lonely Heart by Eva Carter | Book Review

Gemma is terrified of slowing down, Dan is scared of anyone getting to know the real him, and Casey-Dan’s twelve-year-old daughter- is scared this summer could be her last. When Gemma, Dan and Casey meet one scorching July, the connection is instant. Yet, used to protecting themselves from heartbreak by keeping their distance, can they find the courage to connect?

The Museum of Ordinary People by Mike Gayle | Book Review

Still reeling from the sudden death of her mother, Jess is about to empty her childhood home so it can be sold. But when, in the process, Jess stumbles across the mysterious Alex, together they become custodians of a strange archive of letters, photographs, curios and collections. As they delve into the history of the objects in their care, Alex and Jess not only unravel heartbreaking stories that span generations and continents, but also unearth long buried secrets that lie much closer to home.

The Love of My Life by Rosie Walsh | Book Review

Emma loves her husband, Leo, and their young daughter, Ruby: she’d do anything for them. But almost everything she's told them about herself is a lie. When the very darkest moments of Emma’s past life finally emerge, she must somehow prove to Leo that she really is the woman he always thought she was. But first, she must tell him about the love of her other life.

Lucie Yi Is Not A Romantic by Lauren Ho | Book Review

Lucie Yi has tried love – it didn’t work. She’s decided that finding Mr. Right is a myth, and that finding Mr. Right-enough-to-have-children-with is the next best option. When she meets easy-going Collin Read on a platonic co-parenting website, it finally feels like she has found her version of happily ever after.
But things take a turn for the worse when they move back home to Singapore where her very traditional family awaits, leaving Lucie to decide how much she’s willing to sacrifice for a chance at happiness – and maybe, love.

Duckling by Eve Ainsworth | Book Review

Lucy's life is small, but safe. She's got a good routine. But all that's about to change... When Lucy's neighbour asks her to look after her little girl for a couple of hours - and then doesn't come back - Lucy is suddenly responsible for someone other than herself. It takes courage to let the outside world in, and Lucy's about to learn there's much more to life - but only if she's brave enough to spread her wings.

Yinka, Where is Your Huzband? by Lizzie Damilola Blackburn | Book Review

Yinka wants to find love. Her mum wants to find it for her. She also has too many aunties who frequently pray for her delivery from singledom, a preference for chicken and chips over traditional Nigerian food, and a bum she's sure is far too small as a result. When her cousin gets engaged, Yinka commences 'Operation Find A Date for Rachel's Wedding'. Armed with a totally flawless, incredibly specific plan, will Yinka find herself a huzband? What if the thing she really needs to find is herself?

The Woman Who Took a Chance by Fiona Gibson | Book Review

Meet Jen. Flight attendant. Mum to a grown-up daughter. Permanently single.
Age: Fifty (gulp)
Number of children: One
Number of husbands: Zero (it’s complicated)
Number of failed first dates in the last month: Too depressing to contemplate
Number of tickets for a romantic, once-in-a-lifetime trip: Two
Number of days left to find her Mr. Right to take on holiday: Quickly running out…