Why can’t Elephants be Red? by Vani Tripathi Tikoo | Book Review

“You also keep your fantasies alive, because those who don’t dream, don’t have a tomorrow.”

Akku is a lively, imaginative and adventurous two-and-half-year-old little girl. Growing up partly in Gurgaon and mostly in Singapore, she is the darling of her big joint family. From playing with her fishy friends and beloved puppy to discovering the wonders of swimming pools, sea beaches and food courts, every new experience fills Akku with joy and curious questions. She loves to scribble, draw and colour, and her imagination runs riot with elephants that are red, crabs that have mustaches and unicorns that don’t have horns. But the biggest adventure of all awaits Akku- her first day at school.

8. Why Can't Elephants be Red

I don’t read a lot of children’s fiction but the little I do is an important part of my annual reading. And the primary reason is because it allows me to reconnect with the child within. I was planning to pick up this book because the author was my senior at National School of Drama’s Theatre In Education Company, which I attended as a pre-teen. I remember jumping gleefully when I started seeing her in Hindi films back in the late 90’s, early 2000’s, only a few years after I’d been at NSD. What eventually persuaded me to read this book was the author’s bio which says she considers children to be the Gurus who save us from the perils of adulthood!

Vani Tripathi Tikoo’s debut book is a children’s story inspired from the antics of her daughter and her own parenting. Why can’t Elephants be Red? follows Akku as she discovers new experiences and draws unmatched joy from them. Every day brings a fresh, exotic look at her carefree life and she begins to see how the world is viewed differently by everyone. She learns to recognise the signs to differentiate right from wrong and adapt to change.

Akku’s story celebrates the resilience of children, their keen sense of perception, their adaptability to changes beyond their control, and yet be able to find a ray of sunshine in the newness it brings. It emphasises the power of imagination and the need to dream, no matter how ridiculous it may seem. It is a reminder to hold on to the exuberance that washes over you with every new idea or thought that takes shape in your mind and to use it as the hand that guides you along your journey through adulting.

While it’s definitely a book to read with your child, I also recommend to read it for yourself – walk back to your childhood and return with the memories and values that you know you still treasure deep in your heart.

Why can’t Elephants be Red? by Vani Tripathi Tikoo. Illustrated by Rupak Neogy. Published in 2023 by Niyogi Books. This review copy courtesy of Blogchatter.

Book 8 of 2023.

Aquamarine Flavours Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟.

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About Photo: Akku has a vivid imagination which churns out idea after idea but I decided to go with the book’s title for this craft pairing.
This origami elephant is made from 80gsm paper in red colour.
8. Why Can't Elephants be Redb
About the Author: Vani Tripathi Tikoo is an actor and teacher who considers The Little Prince as the Bible for all adults who want to understand children. Keeping her work with children alive after having done theatre with kids for more than two decades at the National School of Drama, Theatre in Education Company and having written plays that turned into performances, she has finally forayed into writing for children. This is her first book as an author. She considers children to be the Gurus who save us from the perils of adulthood!
You can reach her on Twitter and Instagram.
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