The Wrong Suitcase by Laura Jane Williams | Book Review

“You know the only thing better than going on holiday? Planning a holiday.”

When you lose your luggage, the last thing you expect to find is love…

RIGHT PLACE: As she touches down in Italy, Izzy couldn’t be more excited. She’s needed a reason to let her hair down, and she knows that the wedding of the year in a lavish Tuscan castle will be just the ticket.

RIGHT TIME: On the morning of his best friend’s wedding, everything is going wrong for Sam. And when he finally reaches the hotel and unzips his luggage, his day goes from bad to worse.

WRONG SUITCASE: Izzy has a case full of men’s shirts and chinos. Sam has a case full of make-up palettes and bikinis. Could a fateful meeting to switch their bags back be the start of something special? Because in losing their luggage, they’re about to find each other.

6. The Wrong Suitcase

There are times when your current TBR is all mysteries and thrillers and you realise it’s been two months since you read a novel with a romantic theme. Then, just as suddenly as you’re craving to read one, your mailbox pings with a NetGalley ARC approval for a romance novella.

I’ve seen books by this author on nearly all the book groups I follow but this was my first time reading one.

Izzy, a pre-school teacher has broken up with her boyfriend and is now attending her BFF’s wedding without a plus-one. Sam, a pediatric surgeon, and the Best Man, is nursing a broken heart after his date cancelled on him on the morning of their departure. With his family also in attendance, he can’t bear their sad, sympathetic glances. Having their identical suitcases switched hours before the wedding does not help the situation.

A cute story, it takes about three hours to listen to. You know exactly where it is headed, and how, but you still enjoy the crisp pace.

As a novella, there isn’t room for much conflict and the story is fairly straight forward but it has its moments. It is exasperating to see them continuously miss each other right until the actual ceremony when one of them ends up making a toast dressed in casuals.

I enjoyed the author’s reading more than the story itself. The humour in her voice and the witty exchange between Izzy and Sam was entertaining.

This is like a quick getaway from your… er… TBR? Or good company when you have chores to finish. And of course, it reminds you of all the reasons why weddings are so fun.

The Wrong Suitcase by Laura Jane Williams. Narrated by Laura Jane Williams. Due to be published on 12th February 2022 by Avon Books, an imprint of HarperCollins UK. This audio ARC courtesy of NetGalley and HarperCollins UK Audio.

Book 6 of 2022.

Aquamarine Flavours Rating: 🌟🌟🌟.

Available on Amazon*.

About Photo: What else was I to make other than two identical blue suitcases?
These origami suitcases are folded from 80gsm paper. The tiny airplanes are cut using a craft punch.
6. The Wrong Suitcaseb
About the Author: Laura Jane Williams is the author of four novels, a novella, and three works of non-fiction. The rights to her international bestseller Our Stop have been sold for television and her books have been translated into languages all over the world. She loves romance, being a parent, and Mr. Kipling’s French Fancies – the chocolate ones are best, but strawberry will do. Laura is currently writing her next book.
You can connect with her on Instagram.

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