My Best Friend’s Son’s Wedding by Zarreen Khan | Book Review

It has been a year (or 11 months, if you insist I be specific 🙄) since the author posted a picture on Instagram to announce her upcoming book. It is also how long I’ve been waiting for it to be published. She is easily one of my favourite Indian authors and, as I remarked when I read her debut novel three years ago, I will always, always be lining up for her books.

Minty Sood is the toast of the town! A well-known face in Delhi’s elite society, she’s single, beautiful and looks nothing like her age. In fact, nobody would believe she has a twenty-two-year-old son.

Often at the receiving end of a series of eligible proposals, Minty has zeroed in on ‘The One’. Puneet Bhalla is suave, wealthy, and wants to marry Minty. So, of course she accepts! … Twenty-four hours before her son proposes to his girlfriend!

Now, Minty has to switch gears from bride-to-be to mother-in-law-to-be, which is awkward enough to begin with, but there’s also the intimidating mother of his son’s fiancée, a secret love affair and a crazy best friend to deal with.

Will Minty get to be the bride or will she give up her chance on love for the sake of her son’s happiness?

Riveting and essentially relevant to a woman’s choice for her life, My Best Friend’s Son’s Wedding by Zarreen Khan is the LOL book of the year.

Read my detailed review of the book, published on Women’s Web as a Featured Post, here.

About Photo: A desi shaadi is incomplete if there aren’t any roses. Whether they’re part of the décor, the jaimala, the bride’s hairdo, or for showering the newly-weds with its petals – I am yet to see an Indian wedding without them.
These two styles of roses are made with papercraft – origami for the smaller roses and a paperfolding technique for the bigger ones. The ‘minty’ green saree used as background is simply luck by chance 😁

Title: My Best Friend’s Son’s Wedding
Author: Zarreen Khan
Publisher: HarperCollins India
ISBN: 978-9353578152
Edition/Year: First Edition 2020
Format: Paperback
Genre: Fiction/General
Pages: 276
Source: Author/Publisher
Rating: 5 Stars

Available on Amazon.

About the Author: Zarreen has been writing since she was eight years old. Nobody wanted to publish a book with philosophical views on chocolate, especially one overflowing with spelling errors, so she plod on with her convent education, economics graduation, business management degree, and worked as a marketing professional for over a decade before she decided to, once again, try her hand at weaving stories.

She thus authored the hilarious Koi Good News and I Quit! Now What? – neither of them autobiographical no matter what people say.

She currently lives in Gurgaon with her husband, Moksh, and children, Zayn and Iram.

You can reach her on Instagram and Twitter.

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