GST for the Layman by Apeksha Solanki | Book Review

It has now been two years since GST – a much discussed taxation reform was implemented in India. At the time of its launch, there were multiple concerns around its impact on small businesses and entrepreneurs. While the government has, since, streamlined the requirements and processes around this historical tax restructuring, those unfamiliar with the new tax regime still have questions as to how it impacts them.

Can one avoid the payment of GST while buying a house?
Is GST to be paid on discounts applied to the MRPs of products?
Can restaurants still charge VAT?
Is GST applicable to a new e-commerce venture?
How does a student encounter GST?

In her book GST for the Layman: How It Impacts Your Daily Life, Apeksha Solanki answers these questions and more similar daily-life encounters to help you understand GST better.

Read my detailed review of the book, published on Women’s Web as a Featured Post, here.

Title: GST for the Layman – How It Impacts Your Daily Life
Author: Apeksha Solanki
Publisher: Bloomsbury India
ISBN: 978-9389812251
Edition/Year: First Edition 2020
Format: Paperback
Genre: Non Fiction
Pages: 262
Source: Author
Rating: 5 Stars

Available on Amazon.

About the Author: Apeksha Solanki is a qualified chartered accountant and has a rich experience of working with the Big 4 accounting firms in the fields of both direct and indirect taxesAfter working for a few years with large multinational accounting firms, she wanted to pursue the dream of her 16-year-old self to write. This book is a culmination of her passion for taxation and writing. She can be reached on Twitter, and on Instagram at @beating_quarantine_blues as well as @gstgyani.

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