A Day in Early Spring |Telegram Magazine | February 2017

HereĀ is a magazine that has gained quite a following among writers since its launch in July last year.Ā AĀ literary magazine, Telegram aims to rekindle the flames of quality Indian fiction. They are a monthly journal of short stories, essays, book reviews, poems and much more. As the literary magazine culture disappears from the country’s newsstands, coffee houses and bookstores, it leaves a gaping hole for the discerning reader. Telegram hopes to cause a ripple in the direction of good stories, fiction and essays.


Out with their eighth issue this month, the magazine includes a short story I wrote for their February theme:Ā Shades of Love.

Even though global warming and climate change have impacted ourĀ weather cycles, the month of February can’t help but evoke a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. Add to that, Valentine’s Day bombards everyone’s timelines and love dominate our feeds, from which there is no escape.

A Day in Early Spring celebratesĀ just one such love storyĀ where the fragrance of soon-to-arrive spring, coupled with the blissfulnessĀ of love, is enough to wrap you in itsĀ enigma.

The magazine issue is now live on Magzter.com,Ā the world’s largest and fastest growing cross platform global digital magazine newsstand.

Click here, to read it online or download to yourĀ Android/iPad/iPhone device, and revelĀ in its ode to love.

Image CourtesyĀ –Ā TelegramĀ Magazine


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