Sunday Flavours from the South

Sundays at our home almost always mean a day of cooking favourite foods. One of the best loved dishes from that list is the Instant Utthapam. It is a quick and simple recipe we make often in our kitchen, and the result is just like the ones you get in any South Indian restaurant.

Side Note 1: When I say we, I mean it the way a Sous-Chef  (That’s me – the Unpaid Apprentice who promoted herself, but has very basic cooking skills) would assist the Master-Chef (my Mom!).

We usually like to make these on a wide griddle pan or a flat Tava. But recently my mom came across a mini utthapam pan, online,  which makes 7 bite sized pancakes in one lot. So we decided to try that for lunch this past weekend.


All it takes is some onions, capsicum and tomatoes; finely chopped and added to a mixture of Sooji (or Semolina) and curd.  Season this with salt. Heat the pan with a little oil and pour small spoonfools of the mixture in each mould. Cook on both sides till they turn nice and brown and serve hot with coconut chutney.

I find that adding finely chopped curry leaves to this mixture brings an authentic South Indian flavour.


It’s basically just an old recipe on a new pan. But these mini utthapams taste absolutely delicious and their portion sizes are perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Left with leftovers? Kept in the fridge, the mixture can last for a few days. So I can enjoy them on a Wednesday evening and relive my yummy Sunday!

Side Note 2: Served here with white and green coconut chutneys

Side Note 3: If you are looking for a recipe or details of the pan, just ask :)!

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Flavours from the South

  1. This is a perfect post. The uttapams look yummy though I’m not a great fan of this dish. Perhaps I could use this pan to make regular flap jacks too! Will save me the hassle of making 7 tiny pancakes…. Thanks for sharing this post

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