Books Have Feelings Too

Hello and Happy Monday to all the Bookworms, Book Nerds and Book Geeks!
If you love reading as much as I do, then this post will tickle your Monday Blues away.

This is a compilation of Book Humour I came up with (except the images, of course), that only Book Lovers can relate to. Normal people simply wouldn’t get them.
So sit back and allow yourself a good Monday laugh.


How did the bookworm introduce himself?
Hello, I’m Reid Ng.

I’ve often wondered how big a book should be. But then, it really depends on the stor(e)y!

What did the book say when it was introduced to the bookmark?
Mark my words!

try a book

When the brand new Hardcover met a Classic Novel, he commanded, ‘Take me to your reader’.

The day the book met the library label, he remarked, ‘I’ve been so lost without you’.

What did one word say to the other?
I’m so glad we are on the same page.

At the end of the race, the Chapter was asked, ‘Why do you think you lost?’
Looking confused, he replied, ‘I’m not sure. By the time I reached the end of the book, it turned out I was the last one left.’

Conversation overheard between 2 books while they wait at a school bookstore’s checkout counter:
Book 1: Where are you off to?
Book 2: The salon. I might get some highlights!

book movie

What did the book say when it met the manuscript?
You’re spineless!

Someone once asked me, how and when did I fall in love with a Hardcover, you know, being a Paperback and all.
I told them, it was the time he gave me his jacket after someone tore away my cover.

Why did the book start flipping it’s pages on seeing the camera?
It wanted to look good in the bookfie.

Said the Kindle to the bookstore, “I came, I saw, I conquered”.


As soon as the book heard it was going up on Bookstagram, it started pasting stamps all over its cover. It thought Bookstagram was a postal service for books.

“You’ve lost weight?” asked one book.
The second book replied, “Yes, I had my appendix removed”.

Book 1: Hey, Old Book. Why does that dog keep sniffing you?
Book 2: He likes to whisper into my dog-eared pages.

Why did the secret agent hide her reading list?
Her mission was strictly off books!

The day the book was published, the pages couldn’t contain their joy. One particular page said to his beloved, ‘Now you’re stuck with me’.

book vs kindle

When the pages got into an argument with the book, Book pleaded, ‘Please don’t turn away from me.’

It was 5pm when Hardcover bumped into Paperback in a bar and remarked, “Hey little guy, you’re out early!”

The Book with a Heart (A Short Story)
A man entered the bookshop and started to browse, when he noticed there was a Travel book that seemed to be placed in the Paranormal section. Curious, he pulled it out.
Looking through the pages he thought it was a good book, but couldn’t decide if it was worth buying. So he put it back and continued perusing the shelves.
Soon he realized, the same book kept sneaking up in every section he went to. Feeling nervous, he looked around the room and found the only other person in the store, tucked behind the cash counter. ‘Strange’, he thought to himself. ‘I must be losing my mind.’ Then, speaking to no one in particular, he added, “Or, we have a stalking book in our midst”.
All of a sudden, the book flew off the shelf and landed on the floor by his feet. The man stepped back, shocked. He lifted it off the floor to find it open to a page about London. There was a note scribbled across that said, ‘I may be a stalker, but don’t forget… I’m also just a book, standing in front of a reader, asking him to buy me!
The man ran out of the shop, screaming and flailing his hands in the air as the cashier hid a smile!

I hope you enjoyed reading these as much as I did putting them together.
Do you have some fun book humour to share? Let me know by leaving your comments in the box below… and remember, Books have feelings too!

Now, please excuse me as I get lost in my next book 🙂

book message2


4 thoughts on “Books Have Feelings Too

  1. I sadly didn’t get much out of the text jokes. But, a few of the comic panels are great. 🙂 I particularly like the campfire scary story. My sister would be the girl in the first panel (ready to punch me if I took her books without permission). And, I would do the same to her if she took my comic books (when we were little).

    On an odd day, I might have a witty book joke. Just not today.

    Thanks for compiling, miss Pisces. I like the look of your blog so far. A flair for cooking.


    1. Thank you Writingbolt! Your words of appreciation just made this newbie blogger smile 🙂
      As far as the jokes go…like I wrote, not everyone gets them.
      Thanks for sharing your childhood story. As my mother says, the greatest of relationships have ended on unreturned books!


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